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 With over 25 years of experience in packaging, SisPack Corp. has been a world leader in designing and manufacturing packaging systems for many markets. SisPack has developed many innovative packaging products over the years, including labor-saving machinery and unique, cost-saving materials for our customers. All SisPack products are "Performance Guartanteed."

SisPack provides bagging, wrapping, bundling, product identification, and shipping machinery and materials to many markets, including retail, food, medical, health/beauty, and industrial companies among others. SisPack has packaging solutions for the smallest to largest companies.

SisPack is also a leading supplier to the Industrial Laundry Industry, creating systems to package towels and linens, and developing cost-cutting laundry wrap, bags, liners, and hangers.


SisPack provides a wide variety of packaging machines for hand-load, semi-automatic and automatic applications. Included are the SisPack CF4000 Towel Bagger, SisPack CleanPack Wrapping Systems, Fusion Bagger, Strapping, Stretch Wrappers, and Label Applicators.

Most SisPack machines use standard off-the-shelf parts, plug-and-play components, and self-diagnostics, resulting in minimal downtime.

Quality is of utmost importance to us because materials are a major component of system performance. We provide a wide range of bags, films, and other materials from polyethylene, polypropylene, shrink, and PVC to custom co-extruded materials. Custom features and graphics can be added for your application. 

We also supply stretch film, strapping, labels, printer ribbons, pallet sheets, and other packaging products used at most production facilities.

World-class customer support, combined with high-performance machines and systems-matched materials are guaranteed to perform to customer expectations. We have facilities across North America to provide manufacturing redundancy and reduce costs, eliminating customer worries.

Our SisPack Advantage Program fully integrates machinery, materials, and services to provide customers with the most cost-effective program available.

SisPack Corp.
Denver, NC,
Phone: 888-856-4766  Fax: 866-845-7069

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